Soft Serve

Experience a Symphony of Delightful Tastes at Our Soft Serve Wonderland

Soft serve made with the freshest ingredients only, makes a perfect pairing to any of our toppings.

Farm Fresh Milk

Everyone’s favorite fresh milk made into soft serve. Try it now!

Mango Crystal Boba

Sweet and tropical, perfect to be paired with soft serve for an extra tropical flavour. 

Brown Sugar Boba

A perfect fusion of creamy goodness and chewy boba bliss.

Butterscotch Sauce

Butterscotch sauce to elevate your dessert with caramelized goodness. 


From fresh milk to yogurt drinks to coffee, there’s something for everyone!


Farm Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Boba

Farm Fresh milk infused with brown sugar pearls. A Jom Chá signature!

Belgian Milk Chocolate

Rich chocolate milk paired with brown sugar pearls.

Kurma Milk with Brown Sugar Boba

Farm Fresh’s kurma milk topped with brown sugar pearls.  


Banana Butterscotch

Banana milk and butterscotch sauce, paired with brown sugar pearls and crystal pearls for extra texture. 

Mango Tango

Fresh milk incorporated with mango puree and mango crystal pearls.

Farm Fresh Milk with Salted Caramel

Fresh milk topped with crystalized salt, velvety caramel, and crystal pearls to finish. 

Matcha Latte

Matcha and brown sugar pearls. 


Citron Yoghurt

Tangy citrus mixed with yoghurt, popping pearls and brown sugar pearls.

Strawberry Kurma Yoghurt

Strawberry, kurma milk and yoghurt, popping pearls and brown sugar pearls.

Mango Yoghurt

Yoghurt mango crystal and yoghurt popping pearls paired with mango yoghurt. 


Farm Fresh Roasted Milk Tea

Roasted tea combined with fresh milk, brown sugar pearls. 

Fresh Mulberry Tea

A fusion of mulberry and lemon tea with jelly.

White Peach Oolong Tea

A refreshing peach oolong tea paired with jelly. 


Caramel Macchiato

Caramel macchiato topped with brown sugar pearls. 

Double Espresso Latte

Double espresso for the coffee lovers. 

Swiss Mocha Latte

A fusion of creamy chocolate and rich coffee. 


Soy Belgian Chocolate

Chocolate paired with Farm Fresh’s soy milk along with brown sugar pearls.

Oat Milk Double Espresso

A plant-based milk double espresso.

Oat Milk Mocha

Mocha made with oat milk.