Fresh Milk

From Farm to Cup

Unleash your bubble tea cravings

Delightful flavours of Soft Serve

Serving Drinks with the Best Quality Milk🥛

Experience unparalleled quality at Jom Chá. From farm to cup, taste the difference and savor the unmatched freshness that sets us apart. Join us and indulge in the pure goodness of our bubble milk tea like never before.

Turning Freshness into Desserts🍦

Soft and creamy, sweet and fresh, our Soft Serve is made with Malaysia’s No.1 natural dairy – fresh milk and natural yogurt from Farm Fresh.

*Soft serve machine closes approximately one hour before closing hours (subject to change). Feel free to ask our staff on its availability!

🚨New In: Farm Fresh Grow Kids Series

Jom Chá ‘s new series – Farm Fresh Grow Kids Series! Made with Farm Fresh’s Grow Milk that is filled with nutrition and goodness for kids. Try it out now!

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